Smirnoff ice recipe?

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Does anyone have a Smirnoff Ice recipe that doesn't involve a using a
bathtub or adding ingredients categorized as incedinary by the
Department of Homeland Security?  And attention any smart-alecs, I'm
not looking for a something like "Vodka, Sprite and a squeeze of

Ice is just so darned pricey, there has to be a better way?

Re: Smirnoff ice recipe?

Dane wrote:
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What isn't considered an incendiary device these days? Hell, you can't
even bring a bottle of water through air port security they're so
stupidly paranoid. And if it's not Homeland Security after you it will
be that so call Patriot Act you break. Man, I'm of German descent and
even we didn't have something that nasty in WWII.

In any case I'm pretty sure what you want to do is still against the law
  pretty much everywhere. Beer and wine we can do legally most
enlightened places but the harder stuff is still against various laws.

Re: Smirnoff ice recipe?

I have made a few brews that come close to the Smirinoff ice and are
legal to
make.  Use your favorite light beer reciepe and replace some
of the malt with
rice extract and add fruit.  I have a batch of Big
Dogs green apple aging right
now that is very close to S.I.

Big Dog
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