Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

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I am in the middle of my first GF brew.  I'm using Briess Sorghum 45, some
Tettnang hops, and Munton's yeast.

My next batch will use, I think some Malto Dextrin.  How much for 5 gals?

Any idea on how to impart some carmel notes to a brew like this.  I'm going
to try to toast some buckwheat.

Thanks for the help

Re: Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

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Malto Dextrin is derived from wheat, which we know is chockers with gluten.
I would do a little research on Malto Dextrin because I doubt very much that
it is gluten free
Steve W (in Aus)

Re: Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

Steve/Aus wrote:
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would lactose be a good substitute? (Assuming the drinker isn't a
lactose intolerant celiac)

Re: Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

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I don't think lactose is a good substitute. Malto Dextrin is added to beer
to primarily add body and mouth feel although it does have a somewhat
sweetish taste as dextrin is a form of sugar. How yeast reacts with dextrin,
I don't know but at a guess yeast does not break it down very readily.
Lactose on the other hand is sugar derived from milk. It is also somewhat
sweetish to taste and yeast does not metabolise it at all AFAIK. It is used
in stouts (milk stout) to make a sweet stout although I would dare say that
crystal malts are also used for residual sugar content. Whether it adds body
and mouthfeel, I don't know.

Re: Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

Steve/Aus wrote:
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I didn't think about the sweetness (duh), I was only thinking of the
unfermentableness (maltodextrin isn't to my knowledge and neither is
lactose, both are too complex), I haven't ever tried lactose, but I'd
assume it would give some mouth feel because it isn't fermentable. But
the sweetness would make it useless for body anyhow.

Oh just looked up maltodextrin:
Malto-dextrin is a chain between 4 and 20 dextrose units in length,
making it unfermentable by brewer's yeast.

Re: Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

Thanks for the heads up, but Malto Dextrin in the US is made from corn ==
usually.  I'll double check with the supplier.
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Re: Sorghum (Gluten free) brewing

Malto-dextrin may or may not be gluten free, it depends on what grain
(or starch) it was derived from.  Malto-dextrin derived from corn is
fine.  You can get malto-dextrin with different levels of
fermentability. I know you can get malto-dextrin derived from corn
(maize) in both Australia and the USA.

If you want caramel notes, you probably want a crystal malt.  There is
no gluten free crystal malt available commercially.  So you are going to
have to make it yourself.

To make it, soak some gluten free malt in water, then stew it at about
70C for about  1/2 hour (to convert some of the starches to sugars),
then dry it again and kiln it.  This should work.


Tim Carey wrote:
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