spring time swill

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In keeping with my lax tradition receipe ingredients and using what I
already have. How does this sound? The beer calculator sezs it "Special
Bitter" style.

6.5 lbs ultra light dme
1.5 lbs crystal 20L        steeped
 .25 lbs blk patent  471 L steeped
1 oz Magnum        60 min        ?
.25 Perele        60 min         7.6 AAU
 .5 Kent Goldings 30 Min        4.5 AAU
 .5 Kent Goldings 10 Min        4.5 AAU
 .5 Saaz         2 min        3.6 AAU
1   Hallertau         1 min        4.2 AAU

Some sort of Ale yeast  - Safale US56 or American Ale yeast            

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