Stalled fermentation

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Five gallon commercial kit (porter), with Dry Wyeast.
Fermentation stalled after about four days of "gentle fermentation"
nothing aggressive as I am accustomed to (generally use liquid yeast
from White Labs). Let it set stalled for another week, then did a
gravity check.  Gravity of 1.024 seemed high for a finish, but since I
didn't have time to bottle anyway, I let it set. Next day, here come
the bubbles and we are fermenting again.  I haven't use dry yeast
often, although I have a grasp of what happened, I'd like to know why,
or at least have a better idea.
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Re: Stalled fermentation

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That isn't typical with yeast that has a good start.  Fermentation
should begin in a few hours and ramp up to a peak then have a long

My guess would be the yeast was pitched dry or the wort not aerated or
mixed well.   Stalling for a week is extreme unless the temperature
took a nose dive, in addition to a weak yeast.

 If you had a good yeast going before it was pitched - the temperature
of the starter may have been wrong (too warm likely).  Good yeast
smells "yeasty" not sour and should have a good froth on top before

Re: Stalled fermentation
Avery wrote:
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Wyeast doesn't make dry yeast...what did you use?

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: Stalled fermentation

Ya got me Denny, I didn't save the package.  I was thinking Wyeast,
but I guess not after you posed the question, I haven't a clue.  Any
way it was a dry pack, and label said like disolve in warmer than room
temp water for fifteen minutes and pitch. So I did.

Sounds to like simply didn't give the yeast a decent start, and by the
way we did a cold snap and the room temp probably dropped 8-10 degrees


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