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I know this topic comes up a lot but thought maybe there was enough new
info here that it warranted another topic.


I am new to this.  I got some old kits (3 years old) from a friend and
thought they would still be good if I replaced the yeast packets.  I
made the the kit as directed.  I threw away the old yeast pack and used
a new pack of Coopers.  (Recipe: Can of beer, 1 kg of Corn Sugar,yeast,
and water).

We had a heat wave come through so my "optimum" spot was not so optimum
and it got warm... but never over 80 deg. F.  So most of its life was
spent between 74 and 80F.  It bubbled happily for 3 days.  And then
Krausen dropped down to nothing.  A clear black pool. I took an SG and
it read 1013.  The kit says its supposed to go down to 1006 before
bottling.  I (being a newbie) did not take an SG of the original mix.
The kit is a Brewmaker Scottish Heavy.

I racked to a secondary, letting the beer pour down from neck height to
get some aeration going.  But now, three hours later, I have a black
quiet pool again.

Is this 1006 realistic?  Should I wait, even though nothing is coming
through the airlock?  Should I pitch more yeast, and get out the hand
blender?  I don't want to panic, but my beer and i have gotten close
over the last few days, and I was picturing warm days in the sun with
it, and evenings by a fire.  I would buy it a new glass, and .... well,
you get the idea...

Can anyone help?

Thank you.


Re: Stalled Kit

Let it sit a couple weeks, then rack into the bottling bucket, prime, bottle,
wait a couple more weeks and enjoy.

The only problem is that it may have oxidized when you poured it into the
secondary.  1013 is reasonable for a FG.  With the higher than desired
fermenting temperature, it fermented faster than you expected it. wrote:
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Mike Vore
Re: Stalled Kit wrote:
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To me it sounds like fermentation was finished.  3 days is pretty short,
but the high temps may have helped it finish early.  I would wait
another 2 or 3 days and take another gravity reading.  If it is still
1.013, then you are ready to bottle.  A scottish ale will finish higher
than 1.006 especially one made with extract.

The big concern at this point is the aeration you did when racking.
That is a major mistake.  Once fermentation has gone on for 18-24 hours,
you do not want to introduce any more oxygen into the wort.  This won't
be used by the yeast and will oxidize the beer.  This will create a
taste somewhat like wet cardboard.  Fortunately this takes a while to
develop.  Since you are a newbie, you will most likely have this batch
all drunk before this happens. :)

A rule of thumb for normal fermentation is to let it go in primary for 7
days and in secondary for 14 days.  When you think it is time to bottle,
take a gravity reading with your hydrometer and wait 2-3 days and do it
again.  If the readings are the same, go ahead and bottle.  If not, wait
a couple more days and read the gravity again.  keep doing this until
the readings are the same and then bottle.

I you haven't already, I highly recommend you checkout
This is John Palmer's online brewing guide.  An updated hard copy
version is also available and is the book I would recommend if you could
only own one brewing book.  I think you will find it quite helpful in
your future brews.

Good luck!

Bugeater Brewing Company

Re: Stalled Kit

Thanks Wayne.  I think you're right - that the fermentation was done.
I'm a little upset that I aerated the beer when I shouldn't have but
had read lots of threads that said it might help (I obviously read them
out of context.)  If I pitch some Champagne yeast and areate agan, will
that clear the potential oxidation?  Or have I messed it up, just
bottle now, and drink as fast as possible.

I love that idea actually - sorry honey, the guys on the newsgroup say
I have to drink it fast!
Sorry, can't mow the lawn - gotta drink more beer!

Thanks Again!


Wayne wrote:
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Re: Stalled Kit;11392 Wrote:
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Usually aerating the wort for a second time is recommended, if for some
your beer didn't start fermenting at all. I once had a wort that
was simply too
cold when I pitched the yeast, so it didn't start
fermenting. Aerating the wort
once it had warmed up to room temperature
started the fermentation.

Just as the others who have posted in this thread I believe that your
fermentation is ready. If I were you I would just bottle and hope for
the best.


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Re: Stalled Kit
Most probably your beer is brewed out & you will not see any further
fermentation unless you add more fermentable material.
At the temperature you mention 3 days is quite long enough.
I would simply proceed to bottle in the usual way.
BTW this has caught me out several times lately, when fermentation has been
so rapid that in one day & night it was all over. Like you I mesed about
with a hydrometer & was unsure.
Bugger hydrometers, taste will tell you its done so get on with it.

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