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My question is,

When creating a starter with Lager yeast, should I ferment the starter at
lager temps (55F) or the usual 68F

Re: Starter for Lagers

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That's another of those "religious" issues! :)

Most folks say it is best to ferment the starter at lager temps, but
plenty others say they get excellent results starting at room temp.
So it seems to me that you can do whatever is easiest for you, with the
idea that lager temp. starters might be ideal.

Watch extreme temp changes on the yeast, whatever you do, tho'... ie.
pitch your 68F starter into your fermenter at about 68F and slowly step
the temp down to 55F over time.  It seems that cooler yeast into warmer
wort might be OK, but warmer yeast into cooler wort is probably NOT OK
(hope I got that right? :).

Re: Starter for Lagers
Dirk wrote:
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I prefer to make lager starters at room temps...after all, you're
growing yeast, not making beer.  Just be sure to decant the spent wort
before pitching.

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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