stopped bubbling

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    This is my 2nd brew the 1st went well and bubbled away for about 3 days
(   Beermakers Draught  ). This one is Pilsener
started bubbling within 10 min but stopped after 3 hours has something gone
wrong Help please

Re: stopped bubbling

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The fermentation should take about a day vigorous and two days with
slower, then taper off.  So "something has gone wrong."

The temperature took a nosedive or went over 120?  Or more likely, you
just didn't agitate / aerate the wort enough when you pitched the
yeast.  Most of our beer yeasts want a temperature of 60-70 but will
tolerate a wider range and still survive - but taste may suffer.

Do an extract brew and "partial boil" and you are adding a very heavy
liquid (concentrated wort) to a light liquid (water).  They will stay
apart unless you actively intervene.  Mix well - very well.  

Dry yeast doesn't want to be hit with a strong sugar solution, it
wants to rehydrate then be fed.  You can pitch dry yeast into the well
mixed and aerated wort with good results, or start it off separately
and proof it and get it going before you pitch it to the wort.

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