Stout or barley wine

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I've got 15 pounds of raisins and a pound or two of dates sitting
around.  I'm trying to come up with anything at all to use them in.  I
was thinking of doing something like a subtle fruitcake type beer.
Thick, wheaty, and with fruit aftertastes in it.  I've looked through
the AHS recipes and can't really find anything.  Also don't really feel
like the trial and error thing of killing a batch to see if it tastes
good.  Can anybody point me in the direction of a good recipe for this
type of thing?

Re: Stout or barley wine

You can try Stout Billy's Recipe Book online at also, I just tried it & it's either down or gone, but the Cats Meow is also
a big recipe database online
There's also Skotrats Recipe Archives and a few others I can't seem to
remember off the top of my head.

Or someone posted a recipe for Cinammon Raisin Porter on one
of my favorite websites
Hope this helps or at least gives you a couple ideas.


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