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Well for the 2nd time, my krausen has gotten so high and rich that it gave
me problems with the airlock on the fermentor. I'll be getting a blow off
tube for the next batch.

Been using White labs Belgian Abbey Yeast #wlp530 with a starter.
Honey ale went balistic and now the Belgian Dubble did the same. Both are
high gravity.

I'm also thinking of going from bucket to glass carboy (6.5gal) with a blow
off tube.

I had to take the top off the bucket and "scoop" some of the krausen off the
Belgian Dubble yesterday. Does that mean I tossed alot of the yeast too?


Re: Super Krausen

Brian Foster wrote:
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Yes you did toss a bunch of yeast.  However, if you used a blowoff tube,
you would have lost that yeast anyway.  The good news is that when
fermentation is in high krausen like that, there is plenty of yeast in
suspension so your fermentation will probably continue just fine.

In any case, going to a larger bucket or a 6.5 gallon carboy is a good
idea.  You can get a 7 gallon fermentation bucket at your lhbs for about
the same price as the carboy.  There are pros and cons to either.

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