Temperaure Control during brewing - Queensland Australia

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Hi to all brewers,

I have just moved to the Gold Coast on Queenslands Western shore, about 20
minutes North of Coolangata.

Although I have brewed for 30 odd years I have never had to contend with
daytime temperatures indoors of  typically 29/30 & nighttime temps of 26/27
degrees Celcius.

My first brew here, fermentation just complete, was started at 24 degrees by
adding nearly half the brew vessel with refrigerated water. Brewing
temperatures quickly rose to about 26/27 & I attempted to lower this by
running the air conditioner with fermenter close bye.
This did not work particularly well.
I am expecting a below average beer which is not my rational in brewing.

Obviously I can gear-up & maybe sit the fermenter in a cheap fridge bought
for the purpose.

Will you Queensland/ NT brewers please give me some definitive advice
preferably with low cost techniques/equipment.


Re: Temperaure Control during brewing - Queensland Australia

    Definitely stick to ales, get yourself a small frig (unless you like
fruity flavours) or move to Canada like I did. Great place to make lagers.

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Re: Temperaure Control during brewing - Queensland Australia

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Freezer, rather than fridge.  It'll run less for the same temp.

I use a 5 cubic foot chest type freezer with an external temp control
that cost about US$35 (and about US$10 for the wire - it doesn't come
with any).  The freezer was about US$179.

I can set the controller to 68F, with a 1 degree differential, and
keep the wort at 68 regardless of the temp in the room.

Re: Temperaure Control during brewing - Queensland Australia
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G'day Pete,

I live in Western Sydney and have to contend with similar problems. The
following was posted by sozman as a reply to a question I posed in another
ng a couple of years ago.

"Fuji Koki U52M is your friend.  I know they are $33 + GST at Refrigeration
Parts Victoria.  You can find details and photos of how I rigged it up for
fermentation at
You basically replace your fridge thermostat with it."

I just use an old bar fridge and control the temp myself. Typically I turn
the fridge on when I wake up in the mornign and am getting ready for work,
then turn it off before I walk out the door. Then I will turn it on for a
few hours in the evening again. You just experiment and keep the fridge at
your desired temp.

If getting an old fridge isn't the answer, then finding the coolest part of
the house is. I like brewing on tiles in a cool dark area of the house.

Good luck.
Josh Button
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Re: Temperaure Control during brewing - Queensland Australia
On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 01:33:29 GMT, Pete wrote:

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Not, Qld/NT, but still warm here quite often.

Here's a couple of simple low-tech ideas:

* sit fermenter in a bath of water, with a T-shirt over it and trailing
in the water; make sure there is a breeze; T-shirt will act as a wick
and evaporative cooler (not much good in humid heat though)

* freeze a couple of bottles of water (2/3rds full PET soft drink
bottles are good) and sit them next to the fermenter; I also stick a
couple of old jumpers over the fermenter to add insulation; freeze some
more bottles to replace the first lot with when they warm up

* same as above, but put the whole affair into a dead fridge - lots of
nice insulation
Ross McKay, Toronto, NSW Australia
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Re: Temperaure Control during brewing - Queensland Australia

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You need an external temp controller. Various models are availble from
refrigeration suppliers ( The suppliers the refrigeration technicians use).
I think the name of mine is a Dixco I bought the unit, the mounting box, a
GPO which is mounted on the side of the mounting box and some cable and a
plug. The cost was about AUD$150.00 all up. It can be used on any fridge or
freezer and has a built-in 10amp relay. I live in Adelaide with hot summers
and cool winters. I brew all my lagers in summer using the controller on a
chest freezer and in winter brew ales at normal ambient temperatures.
Steve W.

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