Tsingtao beer recipe

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Does anyone have a chinese style beer recipe? I have not been able to find

Re: Tsingtao beer recipe

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Re: Tsingtao beer recipe

China makes beer??
I bet it is using dirt cheap supplies and ingredients and has a label
on it from
another brewery here in the U.S.  Might even have some kind
of outlawed poison
in it.  Seems that is the trend these days from good
ol' China.
Since I have yet to find something made in China that is really worth a
buck, something tells me I really don't want to gag down a beer from

Sorry but I just don't like the products coming from there.
Sorry also that this post doesn't have any help for the original post
Maybe I should quit logging on after drinking several mugs.


nothing like kicking back in a lawn chair on a beautiful morning with a
mug of
dark ale to start the day out right.
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Re: Tsingtao beer recipe

dlihcsnatas wrote:
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I think that would be a good idea there dlihcsnatas. You definitely need
to stop going on line after a couple of red neck pints.

Re: Tsingtao beer recipe

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Tsingtao is pretty much a standard industrial light lager. It's got a
wee bit more hop presence than say Budweiser - it's more inline with
the likes of Stella and Carlsberg.

I would go with a light lager recipe - adjuncting fairly heavily with
sugar or rice syrup and maybe hit it with a couple of ounces flavoring
hops (saaz?) to get a bit more hop.

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