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any of u guys (and girls) ever used that turboyeast for anything coz
in just about to try it (the 24hr stuff) to see how good it is.

Re: turboyeast
Pete wrote:
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I understand it's a mixture of high-alcohol-tolerant yeast and yeast
nutrients, designed to get the maximum quantity of alcohol as quickly as
possible. Try it if you like, but I've got a vague and unfounded
suspicion the resulting beer will not win many taste awards.

Karl S.

Re: turboyeast

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   I  tasted some sugar (sucrose) fermented with it to about 18-20% abv,
tasted pretty nutral, a little like saky (some residual sweetness) but
pretty flavourless.  Of course it would get even more neutral once you
distill it (then you can add flavourings afterwards).

I've heard complaints that one of the competitor brands tasted "yeasty".
   The turboyeast seems to be the most popular at my LHBS.

Re: turboyeast

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Oops i ws mistaken the one that was considered good was the turbo pure
48 hour had good reviews by other customers.  There was a brand called
turboyeast.. but it was not as popular.

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