Two personal brewing milestones of a sort

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I just want to share two milestones which have just occurred for me,
relative to my homebrewing interests.

Membership in my 'Grow-Hops' group has just exceeded 1,800 members, and
we have been busily discussing all sorts of issues; this has really
developed into a very nice and interesting group for anyone who wants to
combine gardening and brewing interests.  Visit

The 'HomeBrewer' grid computing team that I founded almost two and a
half years ago has just passed 125 _YEARS_ worth of medical research
which was completed by using the spare computer power donated by our 101
members.  This is a VERY worthy cause that I try to promote periodically
because it costs you virtually nothing yet is doing so much good for all
the world -- searching for cures for diseases ranging from Alzheimer's
to Tuberculosis (anti-biotic resistant strains are a growing health risk
throughout the world).  You simply donate power on your computer that
would otherwise be wasted, such as running a screen saver, or while it
is sitting idle when you talk on the phone or get a cup of coffee.  And
it is VERY safe and secure; I have helped on various grid projects for
over ten years without ever having ANY problems.  Just remember that the
life that you help to save with your donation could be the life of
someone you love.  I hope you will at least look at my website about
this -- -- and about our team --

Thanks, and good brewing to all.

Bill Velek

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