Very fast fermentation

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ESB in Australia have come up with a fresh wort kit. It's fifteen
litres of already made wort to which you just add another 7 litres of
water and then yeast. Easy to do and it supposedly makes superb beer. I
followed these very simple directions and added 7 litres of chilled
water to give a starting temp of 17 degrees Celsius. Within 36 hours
the temp was up to 26 degrees (it's a hot climate here in Queensland)
and by the end of 2 and a half days the brew appeared to have fully
fermented. Is this normal? I measured the SG and its at 1011 which
seems OK to me.

So what happened? I don't normally brew at this time of year because of
the temperature yet I was willing to risk it because I was starting at
a lower temp. I'm going to bottle it and see what happens but I'd like
to know if this is par for the course for this brewing temp.



Re: Very fast fermentation
Par for the course in my experience.
I am also in Queenslanf & have just brewed out my third hot weather brew.
I generally use refrigerated water to control the yeast pitch temperature to
The temperature soon reaches 26 & vigorouse fermentation is underway usually
inside 12 hours.
I have used the air conditioner to blow cold air over the fermenter
overnight, but the ait conditioner I have is not regulated by room
temperature, rather by "return air" temp.
Fermentation seems to be 95% complete within 3 days.
I have noticed an unexplained very slow final fermentation (the 5% ....?) in
my last two brews which is causing me some concern. SG readings around 1.014
seem a bit high to either decant to settling vessel or to bottles.
I remain uneasy about brewing in these temperatures but I have no option.
Any further insights from more experienced Queensland breers would be very
helpful to both the poster & myself.

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Re: Very fast fermentation

how about putting a towel around the carboy; sit the carboy in a pan of
water; and set
a fan blowing on it.  the evaporation will cool the brew.

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Re: Very fast fermentation

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Why dont you try a lager yeast? They survive at very cold temperatures and
work from 4C. This way you can brew in an old beer fridge in the garage and
not have to worry about ambient temperatures. I brew all my lagers in the
summertime this way and brew ales in the cooler months at ambient
Steve W.

Re: Very fast fermentation

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Mate, I live in Brisbane and I've just opened a bottle from my first batch
of ESB fresh wort (American Pale Ale). If the first bottle is anything to go
by, it's all good. Here are my notes:

13-Feb - 15L of American Pale Ale Fresh wort + 5L water (20L total). 11.5G
of Safale S-04. Temp = approx 26C. Start SG = 1042
15-Feb - Bubbling stopped, SG12
20-Feb - Moved to secondary fermenter. SG10. Added 28g of 5.7% cascade
hops pellets in sterilised cheesecloth bag.
5-Mar - Bottled, SG05

It stayed in air-con the whole time, but temp wouldn't have gone below 25deg
I'd guess. This was an Ale, so yeast temp is ok (was also Safale, not cheapy
supermarket stuff). If yours was a lager I might be worried tho.....


Re: Very fast fermentation

hi oz buddy
got a few oz men to call friwends
and they told me their secrets.
i do not think they will mind.

a shaded spot is preferred.
build a 4 foot deep hole 4 feet wide at least
solid cover is mandatory

now throw moth balls all around the site.
keeps the snake pit idea to a minimum

anyway think about it.
i think will help
should drop temp by 10 degrees no problem.

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