Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?

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Went to Walmart the other night and got the "Make your own beer" Home
brewing kit for around $25. Anyone used this before? The instructions seem
like a regular home brew setup. I have read the instructions twice and am
about ready for the month long process. Here is to hoping for a good turn

Clayton Smith

Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
Askalon wrote:

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I've never seen anything like that at Walmart, and we go there fairly
regularly (monthly?). Would you be willing to list the ingredients and
items that it came with?

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Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
Sure can. Usually they were up front of the store past the cash registers as
I was on my way out. They are made by Lakeview Valley farms (or rather
Natural Science Industries).

6 plastic beer bottles with caps
6 pack holder
Amber malt
Light Dry malt
1 gallon Cubitainer & cap
Air Lock
Racking Cane tip
Siphon Hose
1/4 teaspoon
Yeast Packet
Hops Packet
Dextrose Packet
Sterilizer Packet
Label Sheets (for printing your name for the beer)

It will make 24 bottles of beer
They also have a refiller pack, but am not sure what is in it. I would
assume the consumables to make another 24 bottles of beer.

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Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
I've seen this in NJ and in the optical dept. I cant see how this would
taste good. The ingredients must be bad or old since the yeast is not kept
cold. Save your money and get a starter kit from your local HBS.



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Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
Took everyone's advice on this and returned the Kit to Walmart. Stopped at
the LHBS and was a huge success (and advice), bought  everything I didn't
have (or comming in) and am reading on making my first batch.


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Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
Smart Man.  If I do the math you get 24 / 12  oz bottles for $25.  Well a
kit from your local HBS $27 makes 5 gals = ~ 50 bottles.

ATF Home Brew Club
New Bern NC

Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
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I was perhaps not so smart.  My mother bought this same kit, and
called me out to get it started for her (I guess just because I drink
beer, I'm expected to know how to make it).  It's very cheap, with all
light-weight plastic parts, including the bottles.  My first problem
seemed to be with the yeast starter.  I mixed the sugar-water solution
as instructed and sprinkled the yeast on top, but very little, if
anything happened after a half an hour.  The yeast expanded somewhat,
perhaps a very small layer of foam in places, but not much else.
Could this be a result of yeast not kept cool and fresh?  I finished
the wort and let it cool, but I think that the water I used was
perhaps a bit too cold.  The solution has been in the plastic
(collapsible, of all things) fermenter for about 24 hours, and nothing
appears to be happening.  I don't see or hear any bubbling.  Could the
wort have been too cold for the yeast starter to properly begin the
fermentation?  How important is the wort temperature to proper
fermentation?  Was the starter doomed from the beginning based on it's
relative lack of activity?

This purchase was a novelty for her.  She won't be into buying a real
homebrew kit, as she doesn't drink.  So is it conceivable that this
kit is so cheap that it's best kept in the dump?


Re: Walmart's Make your own Beer setup?
On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 17:27:31 +0000, MBrunt wrote:

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You posted a couple of days ago, so with luck your yeast should have
answered your queston for you.
If there was any active yeast at all, it should have taken off by now.

Good Luck!

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