What else can I brew??

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Hi Guys.

Not being a beer drinker, I am looking at other options for my home brew

At present we brew Ginger Beer (very nice), Apple Cider (the jury is still
out on that one) and quite a bit of alcohol base for our still.

What else can we brew in it?

What else do others brew, both alcoholic and non alcoholic?

Garry Beattie
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Re: What else can I brew??
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Mead.  And lots of it.  If you haven't heard of mead, you're really missing
out.  It is possibly the first alcoholic beverage of all time.  Ever heard
of a honeymoon?  This comes from the ancient tradition of drinking mead
everyday for a month after you get married to induce lots of sex, and
hopefully, impregnation.  I am not kidding you!

Regardless of your thoughts on sex and impregnation, mead is a simple
wine-like beverage made from fermentation of honey-water, and it is
absolutely delicious.  If you like honey at all and you're curious and want
to try it out, put together about 2.5 gallons water and 8 pounds honey, add
a tiny bit of citric acid or similar acid (to balance the sweetness), and
1/4 teaspoon of Irish moss, and boil for about 15 minutes.  Don't use any
hops or malt... this is not beer!!  Cool to room temperature, pitch some
Wyeast 3184 Sweet Mead yeast or equivalent, and add 1 tablespoon yeast
nutrient.  Aerate better than you've ever aerated before.  Then the waiting
begins... you'll need to be very patient.  Let the mead ferment for about 2
months at room temperature.  Finally, prime with 7 tablespoons corn sugar if
you want carbonation, or skip the priming sugar if you'd rather have more of
a flat wine-like beverage, and bottle.  Condition at room temp for as long
as you can stand it (at least a month, or years if possible).  ABV should be
somewhere around 9%, plus or minus.

I love mead.  It's so easy to make, and delicious!!  I am going to be making
some using this very same recipe this week.  Yummy, I just can't wait!!

"Just a drink, a little drink, and I'll be feeling GOOooOOooOOooD!" --  
Genesis, 1973-ish

Re: What else can I brew??
Is it possible to post your Ginger Beer recipe?  I'd really like to try
to make it.

Garry Beattie wrote:
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Re: What else can I brew??
DragonTail wrote:
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You said a magic word.
Is that even legal? "Still", I have to say that during the month of
December, when all the persimmon trees in central CA are ripe, I find
the sugar content of this winter fruit to be extreemley high.
Need I say more ?


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Re: What else can I brew??
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Yes. In Australia they are and they are a magic little device!!!

Re: What else can I brew??
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Hi Mike.

I use a kit called "Morgan's Ginger Beer" and it is one of the best I have
ever had.

I would love to get some recopies too so if anyone has any home made ones
please let us both know.

I used to make Ginger Beer as a kid, from a recipe my Grandfather gave to me
and it was really nice, but I have lost the recipe.

From memory I used to have to make a "plant" out of ginger, peanut butter,
yeast and sugar.
Each day I had to feed the plant peanut butter and, I think, either yeast or
sugar but I am not really sure.
After feeding it for a week I halved the plant and mixed one half with
boiling water and half a cane field of sugar to make about 30 bottles. The
other half of the plant was kept and fed again for another week ready for
the next batch.

Best regards


Re: What else can I brew??
Garry Beattie wrote:
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I'd like to hear how that comes out if you try it. I'd think peanut
butter would be sort of oily for a brewing ingredient, but there's a
whole world of stuff I don't know about brewing!

Karl S.

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Re: What else can I brew??

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Yeah. A lot of people have questioned the Peanut Butter angle, but I am sure
it was peanut butter.

Mind you I was only a kid at the time and my memory may be playing tricks on

Common sense would suggest that perhaps it was Ginger, not Peanut Butter but
I am still convinced to this day that Peanut Butter was the ingredient!!


Re: What else can I brew??
sorry guys
the OIL products would not work with most yeasts i have known
the only yeasts i know of that eat oil are in the high seas eating up oil
spills from super tankers

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Re: What else can I brew??
sparkling mead i liked
2.3kg light honey. mine was clover and alfalfa
2 cans of grape concentrate frozen. if it says drink ya gotta go looking.
i cup corn sugar, always boiled out
champagne yeast, best qualityu
good for 19 litres water prepared water.

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Re: What else can I brew??
Try these items:

Root Beer

Flavored soda, orange, ginger, etc.

you can also try your luck with liqueurs, many homebrew supply shops have
six week kits for this

Mead - the fermentation of honey

You can also try your luck with flavored malt beverages, i.e. hard lemonade,

good luck with it,

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Re: What else can I brew??
ginger ale, root beer, and orange fizz drink were common a hundred years
tried several types.
then made my own
actually made gripe water for a lasdy with a colicy baby.
the kids drinks are good, cheap and tasty.
but since they do have slight alcohol, be sure to monitor it.

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an idea..
Garry Beattie wrote:

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I've got this neat recipe for hooch and I haven't gone blind yet:
take two and a half gallons of water
add five pounds of corn sugar
boil for 10 minutes
Take five cans of your favorite concentrate fruit juice blend and add it
Pasteurize by:
             covering&slow boiling it for 10 minutes/ or boil hard for five
              minutes if your not worried about boquet loss
Add cold water to five gallons
cool to 75 degrees
pitch yeast(any works)


ps. I've made this without boiling anything and it worked
    Sugar doesn't usually carry bacteria, but fruit juice is iffy
Re: an idea..
G_cowboy_is_that_a_Gnu_Hurd? wrote:

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Correction, it's seven pounds of corn sugar.--
umm.. it's seven pounds of corn sugar

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