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Have now made a few beers with lots of help from here..

I am in the process of making a lager - a Stella Artois clone and have
used Saflager 23 yeast.

I've kept the temp at near to 13 degrees for the last 2 weeks and it
looks like fermentation is at last starting to slow considerably.

When I bottle the lager should I then keep the temp at the 13 to 15
degrees for conditioning/carbonation  or should I raise it upto the
more normal 18 to 24 for a week or two?



Re: What temp for conditioning Lager - newbi

Ged;11638 Wrote:
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Once you've completed the lager/conditioning stage, you can prime and
bottle at room temperature.  The small amount of fruity esters created
will not be noticed.  BTW, how long will you be lagering the Stella?  I
can't wait until I can dedicate a lagering vessel for a few months for
each beer.  I'll have to work on my patience until then.

Good luck,


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Re: What temp for conditioning Lager - newbi

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If you want to "lager" the beer, it is usually done after fermentation,
while still in the fermenter.  So, when the fermentation is done, leave
it there and just drop the temp on down to about freezing and hold it
there for a few more weeks.  THEN, you can bottle and let it go back up
to room temp for carbonation.

But to directly answer your question, you let it carbonate in the bottle
at room temp.


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