What to do with a "Mr. Beer" refill kit?

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I've made about a half-dozen batches using Listermann's and similar
extract kits, but this Christmas a well-meaning family member gave me a
Mr.Beer refill kit. The total fermentables come to 2 pounds, rather than
the 4 to 6 pounds of the full-sized kits.
Should I make a short batch, despite the large airspace that would leave
in my fermenter? Or should I toss in some additional extract or corn sugar
to make a full five gallons?
On the other hand, I could just dump it in with a real ingredient kit to
add whatever it can...
Any suggestions?

Karl S.

Lord Atticrat, Duke of Solderwicke, Duc'Taep, and Les Isles Du Theatre

Re: What to do with a "Mr. Beer" refill kit?
Just do a kit as per it's instructions, the carbon dioxide produced will
push out the oxygen & other gases as per normal.

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