When to refridgerate

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Hi all,

I have a Bock brew that has been bottled now for 7 days.  Can I
place a few of these bottles in my little beer fridge and get them good
and cold?

Or do I need to let them sit a full 2 - 3 weeks before
refridgerating?  I just don't want to halt anything that may still be
going on inside the bottle.

Also, can I refridgerate all the beer after a certain point as a way to
extend the shelf life of the beer, or will that make any difference at all?

Many thanks,
Basil Fawlty

Re: When to refridgerate

In most cases a week is plenty.  After a week I usually refrigerate a bottle
or two so I can sample that batch, and so far there has only been one case
where a week wasn't enough, but that batch was in a secondary for a couple
of months.

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Re: When to refridgerate

I generally like to hold off as long as possible. If you can't wait to
crack on open just put ONE in the fridge. If that brew isn't ready yet,
you only downed one and not more.

You don't need to refridgerate your brew to extend the shelf life. As
long as it's stored at the same temp as it was fermented at and not in
any direct light it will last a long time. You only need to
refridgerate when you're ready to drink them.

When I used to bottle I would only chill a six pack at a time and I
always tried to leave a six pack stored for aging. But since I started
kegging it usually gets drank before it ever makes it to a bottle.

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