white labs english ale WL-002

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I currently am brewing an IPA using a third generation WL-002 yeast culture.
I made a starter, and pitched it, and had a very vigourous fermentation for
2 days at 72 deg(needed a blow off tube), I then moved the primary to my
basement where overnight the temp droped to 63 deg, I then moved it to a
slightly warmer location (68 deg.) After 4 days fermentation had slowed to a
crawl so I transefered to my secondary, and my gravity was around 1.035.
Today all sighns of fermentation have stopped and the beer is begining to
clarify. My question is this will my beer make it to 1.016? gravity or is my
fermentation stuck? should I pitch some more yeast or nutrient. Any comments
would be appreciated.


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