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Looking to buy used homebrewing equipment.

* Stainless Steel Brewing Pot (5 Gallon)
* Fermenter (5-Gallon Glass Carboy)
* Floating dairy thermometer
* Hydrometer
* Kegs (5-Gallon Soda Variety)
* CO2 cylinder

Re: WTB: Home Brewing Equipment
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1) You want to buy much of it locally.  Kegs, carboys and CO2 tanks
weigh a lot.  Carboys and hydrometers don't travel well.  You'll also
need hose, fittings, bags - lots of little things that you might want
to be able to get quickly.  Also your supplies - grain or malt, hops,
yeast, etc.  You can get all of it on the web, but buying it locally
might be a bit more handy.

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Look in Wal-Mart (or Sam's) for a turkey fryer.  That gives you the
(usually) 7-1/2 or 8 gallon pot and cover, a stand and a source of
heat for the price you'd normally pay for the pot.  They should be
going for around $75 this year.

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A plastic bucket is MUCH cheaper.  Use the carboy (6 gallons, not 5)
for a secondary fermenter.

Check on line.  There are plenty of places that sell all you need,
possibly some within driving distance.  Or check at a local brew pub.
Chances are the brew master brews at home, or knows local people who
do.  (We all get to know the local brewmasters.  For free hops and
yeast, if nothing else. :) )

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