WYeast 1968 London ESB Starter

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I made a starter using WYeast 1968 Wed evening and haven't noticed and
really good activity in the 1/2 gallon growler I used. This is the first
time I've used this strain before and was wondering if anybody could give me
some insight on it.



Re: WYeast 1968 London ESB Starter
I've never used that one, but did you activate the pack by smacking
it?  Was the pack swelling before you pitched it into starter?  At
what temp was the wort when you you pitched the yeast?  You also don't
mention the amount of lapsed time with the yeast in the starter
solution.  Without knowing the particulars, all I can offer is that
with small containers, yeast doesn't usually foam up as it would in
the fermenter.  Are you getting bubbling in your airlock?  Also, how
well did you aerate the starter wort before pitching?  Yeast needs
oxygen at this stage.  Personally I use an aeration stone and oxyegn
tank, but you can get by if you agitate the growler enough to aerate.


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Re: WYeast 1968 London ESB Starter

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I've used it. It started okay but slower than usual ale yeasts I noticed.
Worst thing is it drops out really quickly and needs rousing quite often,
especially if its kept at the lower end of the temp range.
My experinece with beer is, the last lot using this yeast was when I racked
to a secondary after primary fermentation. It sat in the secondary for 3
weeks without activity so I bottled. 1 month later it was really good with
residual sweetness that this yeast is known for. Another month later and the
yeast woke up, ate all the sugar and nearly gave me bottle bombs. Threw the
whole lot out in the end. Although I'll never use it again, if you keep it
roused up when making beer and starters and watch your gravity readings and
have some patience you'll probably be okay.
Steve W.

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