yeast starter problems?

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I brewing an Arrogant Bastard clone, so I'm making a starter from a Wyeast
pitchable tube, 3 months old.

I have usually made starters (infrequently) in  a 22 oz bottle; I'm using a
1l Erhlemeyer (cone shaped) flask.

I used about 1/2 cup DME in ~ 20 oz of boiled water, cooled, added the yeast
which was at room temp for 4 hr.  I got fermentation within a day, but only
bubbles to the surface, not the usual raging top-fermenting thing.  The
fermentation slowed in 2 days and I figured I didn't give the yeast enough
to eat.  So I've added ~ 1 cup of DME to about 10 oz of water and boiled it
down.  I added it, cooled, and I have great "carbonation" but again no
raging top fermentation.

Am I not patient enough?  I know 3 month old yeast will be rather dormant,
but I'm fermenting, just not in the typical way.

Any ideas?


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