Pu-erh counterfeiting caught on vid

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Check this video out: https://instagram.com/p/1LQgpuHjLd/

Description: Caught this guy rubbing a puer brick on the street in the
Kunming market to make the wrapper look "old."

Not my own video, found it on Reddit.

Dario Niedermann.              Also on the Internet at:

gopher://retro-net.org/1/dnied/ , http://devio.us/~ndr/

Re: Pu-erh counterfeiting caught on vid
On 2015-04-08 08:58:21 +0000, Dario Niedermann said:

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It seems like this is likely to be pretty pervasive.  I also suspect  
that puerh teas are upgraded by the substitution of a new wrapper as  

Popular puerh manufacturers have been taking steps against this such as  
placing the tea in a sealed plastic bag with tiny air holes, and also  
boxing the teas and affixing holographic sticker seals.  These may be  
effective to some degree but as time goes on, I think it's probable  
that the situation will get much worse.

Stock up now - pherh improves with age, will never get any cheaper, and  
is likely to be a better long-term investment than stocks and bonds.

Re: Pu-erh counterfeiting caught on vid

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But it isn’t that simple.  A lot of people in China acted on that theory
in the early 2000s.  There was a speculative frenzy now known as the
Pu’er Bubble.  It ended just about 8 years ago, wiping out a large
number of people.  A good place to read about this is “Puer Tea:
Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic” by Jinghong Zhang.

Lew Perin / perin@acm.org

Re: Pu-erh counterfeiting caught on vid
On 2015-04-10 13:43:59 +0000, Lewis Perin said:

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Thanks for the book recommendation - puerh literature is very difficult  
to get in English.

I was aware of the puerh bubble but I didn't know that people were  
wiped out financially.  It would be interesting to see how and why,  
especially seeing the kinds of prices that good 10+ year old puerh can  
fetch these days.

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