Tea stain

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One of my fave teas is good ol' Earl Grey.  I've found only one brand
I did not like, but this outta many EGs.  Basically, I wanna know if
EG and other black teas use a dye.  Not only is my white tea cup
stained after a cuppa EG, but my stainless steel tea spoon is also
stained!  I've yet to run across anything that would stain stainless
steel.  Only Earl Grey tea.  

Is this true of other black teas?


Re: Tea stain
On 24/03/2015 03:02 pm, notbob wrote:
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Yes, all black teas stain, but it's not a dye, it's the tannin in the  
tea,  English Breakfast certainly does...


Re: Tea stain
On 25/03/2015 09:20 pm, Jon wrote:
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Usually leaving your Cup/Spoons etc to soak in a weak bleach/water  
solution will get them sparkling clean again...

Re: Tea stain
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Thanks for the replies and info.  ;)


Re: Tea stain
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Black teas have a large amount of tannin in them.... how much depends a
lot on how the tea is processed.  This _is_ a dye, but it's a natural
dye that comes from the tea plant.

However, it shouldn't stain a stainless-steel spoon, not if you are  
washing it regularly.  It will stain teacups if you don't wash them.

Try a CTC tea, it should stain even more than Earl Grey.

I will say that there ARE some Chinese greens that have artificial coloring
added to them, but that's a whole different problem of a different color.
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Re: Tea stain
On 28/03/2015 11:54 am, Scott Dorsey wrote:
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Inncorrect, I drink Black Tea blends such as English Breakfast and Earl  
Grey, and they even stain my stainless steel teapot, spoons and cups.

Just leave them to soak for a couple of hours in a bowl of warm water  
with a small amount of bleach added which is much more effective  
removing tannin staining than washing-up liquid or dish soap.

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