Where to buy Macallan online?

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want to try 12 or 18 yr old macallan scoth.
Any online retailers that will ship in the US?

thank you

Re: Where to buy Macallan online?

Depends on what state you live in.  Some states don't allow incoming liquor
shipments (something about state taxes and/or religion).

Re: Where to buy Macallan online?

asdf wrote:
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There are lots of them out there. I generally buy Macallan at the local
store because it's much cheaper there. A quick google search led me here:

I wouldn't buy from them because at a number of places in Denver 12yo
Macallan can be had for $33 a bottle. The 18 isn't something I've bought
in a while - I actually like the current 12yo bottling more, but I saw
it onsale yesterday in Denver for $99.


Re: Where to buy Macallan online?

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What a horribly annoying site!

How hard would it be for them to put a link on their Shipping Information page
to the list of states to which they can ship?

Do they really expect everyone to go through the process of selecting a product,
then register as a user, and then go through the checkout process simply to find
out after all that that they can't ship to the buyer's state?

What a very poor business implementation!

-- Larry

Re: Where to buy Macallan online?

Must be nice.  Macallan 18 is $136.00 at my local store, not adding tax.
Needless to say, I haven't bought a bottle.

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