Anybody Know Blue Moon beers?

Hi All, Stopped in a local sandwich joint and they had Blue Moon on tap. It was a pale ale I was told. It was also $3.50 US a glass. I found it to have a distinctly lemony taste and was fairly flat as far as carbonation went. I asked about the carbonation and if it was normal for that beer. He said he didn't know, but they just had their taps cleaned and that was the first pour since. He took it back and brought another after he said he poured 4 or 5 more glasses. It was slightly more carbonated. I drank it figuring that was the best it was going to get. Lemony flavor and low carbonation, does this sound normal for this beer? ziggy
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It's in the style of a Belgian witbier, not a pale ale. Made by Coors I believe. It should have the tart fruitiness you described, but the low carb was a problem. It should have normal to high carbonation.
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Couldn't say much about the carb, but the lemony flavor yea...but its not a pale ale. Its a Coors product, and its their lame attempt at a Belgian White (witbier). I tasted blueberries in it the last time I had it.
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Blue Moon...Coors' attempt at *microbrewing*. The only 2 samples I've seen were the Pumpkin Ale and Belgian White. The latter is on tap at the world famous Wonder Bar, here in Casper. I haven't tried the draught version yet cuz I didn't find the bottled version all that appealing.(no, it ain't complete shit but it didn't spur me on to buy it on a consistent basis)
I'll give it a try next time and let you know my impressions of the carbo thingy.
Best regards, Bill
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