Beer Me Up - 2 ‘Star Trek’ beers are hitting the market just in time for the new movie

2 ‘Star Trek’ beers are hitting the market just in time for the new movie BY ALISON SPIEGEL 7/18/16
WWhen Star Trek Beyond comes out at the end of the month, Trekkies everywhe re will have one more reason to celebrate. New York-based Shmaltz Brewing C ompany is releasing two craft beers, commissioned by CBS, in honor of the s how’s 50th anniversary.
The brewery calls the pair the “Golden Anniversary Ales,” a nd if fans get their hands on these new releases, well, they get to go wher e no man has gone before. The first, The Trouble with Tribbles, debuts at t he L.A. premiere on July 20. The second, Voyage to the Northeast Quadrant, launches at a Star Trek convention at NYC’s Javits Center, which ru ns from September 2 to 4.
If you get the references (the first is a nod to an episode by the same nam e, the storyline of which involves genetically modified wheat), then cheers to you. According to Shmaltz, the first is made with “light Carast an malt,” “a dose of Munich” and “wheat mal t,” while the second uses “light Munich malts and brewer? ??s maze.”
And if you thought it seemed highly illogical that a Star Trek-themed beer didn’t exist already amid all the other movie-inspired craft beer, you were right. Shmaltz Brewing released Vulcan Ale—The Genesis Eff ect, a red session IPA that came out in October last year.
Live long and drink beer.
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