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Massachusetts lifted its ban on Sunday alcohol sales last weekend, discarding a centuries-old policy that originated with the Puritans.
Starting at noon last Sunday, liquor storeowners in Massachusetts were able to slake their customers thirst for beer, wine and liquor.
While the statewide change took effect Sunday, liquor stores in Boston and some other cities and towns did not open because officials have yet to enact the change locally. Individual cities and towns may opt out of the law, through a vote of selectmen or other governing body.
In Boston, the Licensing Board will meet Thursday to determine their position. Sources tell the media that most of the city's liquor stores will probably be allowed to open on Sundays in order to remain competitive with other area stores.
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More news, same source:
Adolph Coors Co. said that it will introduce a new low-carbohydrate beer, to be called Aspen Edge. It will be distributed in 10 states beginning around March 1, with plans to roll out the beer nationwide before the end of 2004
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It may have originated with the Puritans, but modern-day regulation of in-state commerce in alcholic beverages is the legal right of each individual state, as set forth in the 21st Amendment. The "Repeal" of Prohibition came with that catch, and it survives to the present day. The reason Sunday sales were finally allowed in Massachusetts have less to do with sudden liberalization and more to do with states desperate for tax revenue to replenish their dwindling coffers.
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When I lived in the Northeasterner part of the country, where one can find many of these "blue laws," they justified it not in terms of religion but as a "family values" thing-- small family-run businesses couldn't compete as well with large impersonal megabusinesses that stayed open 24/7, so they field a bit. (But why Sunday? Always sounded a little fishy to me...)
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