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Red Heart Guinness
Thanks for that Paul, here in England nobody has ever heard of Red Heart Gu inness and anytime I've mentioned it I've been ridiculed, especially from a mate of mine who's been drinking Guineas all ...
2 years ago 1
stones bitter advert
Hi to every one, I have for a while now been trying to find a solution to a stones bitter advert that was shown on tv a number of years ago. around late 1989/ early 1990's. the words that were sang...
6 years ago 2
Alright, I'll admit it... I like "Old Overholt"
Simply put, it is the greatest American whiskey! Screw that corn liquor...
9 years ago 2
What is it that give you(me) the headaches?
Some brands tend to guarantee I get a headache later on, even if I do not over-indulge. Notably the Bud brands and their relatives. For a long time I stopped drinking beer altogether, but over the ...
12 years ago 5
beer drinking toast (German)
Dear associates -- I've been watching reruns of "The Man Show" (Carolla/Kimmel), and while I know the Ziggy, Soggy toast is based on a German beer toast, I can't figure out the meaning of o...
13 years ago
Slovenian Beer?
I'll be visiting Slovenia this fall; any notable beers (especially the less known ones) I should keep an eye out for?
13 years ago 4
Beers of America Historical Collection
Anyone familier with these beers? I picked them up at Sams Club. It's a 12 pack packaged in a small wooden crate. There is no info on the package as to who or where they were brewed. There is a flye...
14 years ago 3
Half 'n' Half mixtures? New ideas?
Are any of you experienced with making a good Black & Tan or Half 'n' Half? If so, have you found a nice mixture of beers to mix together? I'm trying different mixtures with Guinness starting today, a...
16 years ago 7
small beer kegs....
About 25 years ago I used to buy 2 1/2 gallon Falstaff beer "tappers." These mini kegs were great since they fit perfectly in the refrigerator. Are these little kegs still sold by any beer manufacture...
16 years ago 6
The big merger
With the merger of Miller and Coors/Munson, they and Bud now have 80% of the US beer market or better stated they have 98% of the American Swill market. No I am not a beer snob, just a Condescendin...
12 years ago 33
Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems
Standard Features Reverse osmosis, also known as hyper filtration, is used to purify water and remove salts and other impurities. It is also capable of rejecting bacteria, sugars, proteins, particles,...
9 years ago
New Social Network for Beer Drinkers (
New Social Network for Beer Drinkers /beerdrinkers source: Zorpia Launches Social Network Site for China; Company Plans to ...
13 years ago
Drambuie Sylk Liquer
Drambuie Liqueur liqueur (lik?r`), strong alcoholic beverage made of almost neutral spirits, flavored with herb mixtures, fruits, or other materials, and usually sweetened. The name derives from the...
9 years ago
Stella Artois and sulphites.
Any one know if British Stella has these additives? Seems I might have an allergy to sulphites and I have a fridge full of the stuff! Cheers. Saul.
12 years ago 2
Pilsner Urquell game
I was wondering if anybody have seen this Pilsner Urquell game.“ My question is this can anybody help me figure out who the girls are? known models?!? ...
16 years ago 2
Gillespies stout
Where in the UK can you buy Gillespies Stout which was brewed by Scottish & Newcastle. The supermarkets dont stock it and the off licences dont either Shaun
16 years ago 1