Brewer offers new health warning

Brewer offers new health warning
Britain's biggest brewer is to label its cans and bottles of beer with a
health warning.
Scottish Courage wants to help combat binge drinking, with other brewers
expected to follow suit.
The warnings will appear on Newcastle Brown ale, to be followed next year
by other Scottish Courage brands such as Fosters, Kronenbourg and John
They will explain that responsible drinkers should not exceed four units a
day for men and three for women.
Drinkers will also be told how many units are in each can or bottle.
The move comes as a website is launched which will allow people to assess
whether their alcohol intake could be damaging their health.
Unit calculator
The site, run by the Portman Group which promotes sensible drinking, will
enable people to compare their alcohol consumption with government
guidelines., which features an alcohol unit calculator, is to be
advertised on drinks labels.
Health Secretary John Reid said he welcomed "accurate, accessible advice
on responsible drinking".
The Portman Group is funded by the alcohol industry.
The new site has special sections for drivers, young people, pregnant
women, parents and older people.
There is also a simple self-assessment test for people particularly
concerned aout their drinking habits.
"I welcome the fact that the Portman group of drinks
producers accepts its responsibility to give accurate, accessible advice
on responsible drinking.
"Companies making it simple to understand exactly the amount of alcohol in
their particular drink brands and providing straightforward ways to access
advice on problem drinking is a major step forward."
Complex message
"This is a massive step
forward towards ensuring that people who choose to drink alcohol can
understand fully the responsible drinking message, and can make
well-informed choices as a result."
She added that there had always been difficulty "communicating a detailed
and complex responsible drinking message... on something as small as a
drinks label".
Directing consumers to the new website would give them "as much
information as possible", she said.
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Published: 2004/11/12 05:25:32 GMT
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Garrison Hilliard
in article cn1k1t$77v$, Garrison Hilliard at on 12/11/2004 06:09 am:
They will also say that a 440ml can of NBA dontains 2.6 units. Therefore you should stop drinking after just over one and a half cans because that's your four units used up for the day - as excellent a demonstration of how ludicrous the whole "recommended daily units" idea is as you might find ...
(Not, of course, that you should drink NBA anyway, as it's schyte, but that's a whole other stream ...)
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Martyn Cornell

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