Extreme Beer Fest Five

Advance tickets are now on-sale for our 5th Annual Extreme Beer Fest
(Boston, MA)! This two-day event will feature Night of the Barrels
(100% wood-aged beers) on Fri, Feb 15 and two sessions of 100+ Extreme
Beers from a limited and hand-picked number of creative brewers on
Sat, Feb 16 ...
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Night of the Barrels
Friday, February 15, 2008
Special Session | 6-9:30pm; beer stops @ 9:30pm
A very special, exclusive, and all inclusive evening of wood-aged
beers (from fresh oak to bourbon barrels to wine barrels), guest
speaker panel, tasty snacks, complimentary hydration, chance to rub
elbows with the industry. Not to be missed. Limited to 500 tickets.
Sessions One & Two
Saturday, February 16, 2008
Session One | 1-4:30pm; beer stops @ 4:30pm
Session Two | 6-9:30pm; beer stops @ 9:30pm
Now in it's fifth year, this is the original fest that helped define
what "Extreme Beer" is all about. Expect a uniquely awesome and epic
celebration of American brewers who push the boundaries of creative
brewing. Quite possibly the best fest on planet Earth. Limited to
1,000 tickets per session. $40; includes beer tastings & education.
A more in-depth fest page with frequent updates will be posted
starting end of Nov, but expect us to raise the bar and tighten the
line-up on this one to create an epic event that you'll not want to
Buy your tickets now to avoid tears later.
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