Ohio law takes effect scrapping cap on alcohol content for beer

Ohio law takes effect scrapping cap on alcohol content for beer
By: Associated Press
Posted: 12:55 PM, Aug 31, 2016
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Craft brewers in Ohio now have the freedom to make boozier beers.
A new state law takes effect Wednesday, scrapping caps on alcohol content for beer.
Ohio is following the lead of other states in getting rid of its 12 percent cap that has been on the books since just after Prohibition.
Craft brewers have flinched at anything restricting their ability to be creative and make stronger ales.
Legislators say the law levels the playing field and makes Ohio even more attractive to smaller breweries looking to locate to the state.
Craft beer is a $22 billion industry in the U.S., and sales were up last year nearly 13 percent over the previous year.
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Garrison Hilliard

But sure 12% must in any case be getting awfully close to the natural maximum resulting when the alcohol concentration gets to the point that it kills all the remaining critters?
Or do they want to add ethanol to make 'fortified' beer in the 20% range, similar to port or sherry?
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