Pilsner Urquell

My husband got me two beautiful Pilsner Urqell glasses for my birthday! I'm
so excited. They are appropriate because they are the first in my collection
of bar glassware and P.U. was the first Pilsner. Just thought I'd share with
-Alaskans ^_^
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Thanks for the suggestion! I shan't foul my pretty flutes with anything less than the best! I just hope I can find P.U....
Have a Lovely Weekend -L
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P.U. is avai;...err...should we really be calling it PU? Anywho, that fine pilsner is found everywhere, just like savoir faire.
Being in a green bottle *does* make it susceptible to skunking, though.
Best regards, Bill
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Bill Becker
Yeah, at least write it- P/U, which, IMO, reads better for some reason.
So, pick a six pack out of a closed case on a floor, or buy it by the sealed 12 pack or case, with the best date code you can find. (They changed codes when the importer changed, but I think it's pretty easy to figure out these days.)
Otherwise, if you're buying it in a brightly lit store, in an open cooler by the six-pack, well, it is P.U.
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