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FS: "Algonquin Honey Brown" Beer Promo Shirt
"Algonquin Honey Brown" Beer Promo Shirt I have for sale the "Algonquin Honey Brown" Beer Promotional Shirt. The shirt is longsleeve, size XL with button-down collar. The shirt is made by the TEXX...
11 years ago
How long does it take for beer smell to disappear from breath?
How long does it take for beer smell to disappear from breath?
11 years ago 2
Russia 'must punish Prague over U.S. shield with beer boycott'
21:02 | 23/ 07/ 2008 MOSCOW, July 23 (RIA Novosti) - A Russian boycott on Czech beer in response to the placement of a U.S. missile defense radar in the Czech Republic could deliver a seriou...
11 years ago
Yeah !!!!!!
11 years ago
Anheuser-Busch InBev
"Anheuser-Busch has approved a $52 billion takeover bid by InBev in a deal that will create the world's largest beer maker and transfer ownership of the iconic American brewer to the Belgian-Braz...
11 years ago 3
Flossmoor StationX-IPA (Extreme)
I got a bottle in a trade and man, this is one tasty and balanced DIPA! Here's my notes on it: I got this bottle in a trade with joe1510. Thanks Joe!! My first sample from this brewery: Cool bl...
11 years ago
I look like the actress Sean Young!!!!
Hi guys, I used to post all the time in Google groups back in December. I'm a Sean Young lookalike and I'm representing the red state of Tennessee!. Just wanted to let you know that my photographe...
11 years ago 3
Re: Erreur Java
Pienipäistä moraalia, suuret toleranssit. Jälleen kerran asiaa, jota maassamme tuskin kourallinen edes tietää. OL-3 työmaan mokailut on jo alansa klassikoita. Mutta jopa siinä ilmapiirissä ...
11 years ago
anyone here?
I was about to write something about the crappy beer I had in Victoria this weekend, but is anyone going to listen?
11 years ago 7
More Bud or Coors
Dick said it best. American lagers really do hit the spot when that is all you want. I like either Bud or Coors, depending upon whom I am drinking with. Coors has just a hint of a metallic ring...
11 years ago 14
Ehdoin tahdoin?
TEM TYÖ JA ELINKEINOMINISTERIÖ ________________________ Helsingissä 27. päivänä toukokuuta 2008 "Mielipiteitten esittäminen julkisuuteen nettiin valtiovallan erityissuojeluksessa." "Voi esi...
11 years ago
American lager temperatures
Since A-B is declaring Budweiser to be the "Great American Lager", when will they serve it at proper lager temperatures?
11 years ago 21
My fellow Americans
From My fellow Americans, Like baseball, apple pie and ice cold beer (wrapped in a red, white and blue label), Anheuser-Busch is an American original. Founded in St. Louis, Missouri,...
11 years ago 56
C02 Fills in Massachusetts (South Shore)
Does anyone know of a place to have a 5lb C02 tank filled in Mass? Prefereably on the South Shore. We used to use BOC, but after they were bought by Airgas the staff there made it clear that they w...
11 years ago
Beer Drinkin'....
just wonderin' if anyone knows a spot to talk about this subject, I mean, tales o' drinkin' the suds, not crap about conglomerates, whatever, remember that first beer, or how many he.......
11 years ago 3