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Vintage history Gentlemans Club Whitbread FA
Your Club ,7 colour plates,38 b/w illustrations,58 pages,dustwrapper a little faded,chipped,book itself VGC. Pub.Whitbread & Company (Brewers) Really unusual item a history of the British gentlemen...
12 years ago
Damn, it's been cold
I'm glad I still have some of my Sam Adams Utopia to sip on! ;^) ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Servic...
12 years ago
I have tried many many many many Bud is still my favorite
12 years ago 16
Re: What is the correct pronunciation for "dubbel"?
It is alleged that Pauly claimed: No, that's not how it's pronounced. -- Jeffrey Kaplan The from userid is killfiled Send perso...
12 years ago
Beer Cans Found
I have two Ballentine Gold Beer Cans. There is a number on the bottom of the cans, D7746. One has been opened on the top the other on the bottom. Could you provide any information about them. Than...
12 years ago 1
Celis Brews
This is good news -- Larry T
12 years ago 4
Beer Bong Store! - Yes, you can buy beer bongs online now...
Check out - and you thought beer bongs were just for frat houses. The double bong is particularly fun.
12 years ago 1
Beer Style Question
I am fairly new to making beer and I have a question about beer styles. What makes the different styles what they are? For example if you do a search for Belgium Trippel to will find hundreds of rec...
12 years ago 30
Australians beating the Americans - hands down
Where we tend to follow American trends, there is one area where we are NOW clearly leading. The release of these new trendy beers over the last few months includes Hahn extra dry (totally tastel...
12 years ago 6
this year's winterfest/seasonal/etc ales
I've sampled my fair share so far. For a non-craft brew the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is surprisingly good, methinks. Bitter, cinnamon-y and orange peel. Hops. Not bad. Okay, of the craft brews...
12 years ago 20
Rolling Rock's misguided ad campaign
Sorry to post about an industrial barley-based solvent mostly used by collegians (Rolling Rock) in a beer newsgroup. We were driving home from our first of several T-giving gourge-fests today and n...
12 years ago 2
alcohol detection in every vehicle? (no comment)
[Well, one comment: IF this has to happen, the only libertarian idea on the table in this article comes from the Century Council. What will really happen in a nation that allows for two terms for th...
12 years ago 2
Beer Info
Check out
12 years ago
Lone Star Beer
Anyone know how I can get some Lone Star beer up here in NH? ~ Harley
12 years ago 17
I saw this in an Akron area store. Is this beer anygood? I am leary of the aluminum can and its $7 tag. -David
12 years ago 11