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Virgin Islands - Island Summer Ale
I'm not much of an island person, never really was fond of hanging out on the beach on some tropical island for my vacation. Hell, I'll admit it. I hate going to the beach during the summer when the...
12 years ago
BeerAdvocate Does Denver! (Beer Crawl)
Join the Alström Bros (Founders of BeerAdvocate) on their annual beer crawl of Denver during the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). # Schedule TBA Start @ 9:30am (brunch; build a good base) Sno...
12 years ago 1
drink before noon
Why do some people think it's inappropriate to drink before noon?
12 years ago 3
Problems mount for bankrupt brewer (Iron City)
Problems mount for bankrupt brewer Friday, August 24, 2007 By Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The proposed saviors of bankrupt Pittsburgh Brewing, who last month were given an additional 45 d...
12 years ago
TapTracker - find draft beer
Just wanted to announce a new website I've put up: It's basically a draft beer availability database. It relies on submissions for the data. It's free and there's no affiliation...
12 years ago 1
Alsopp's Arctic Ale bottle (1852 - still sealed)
12 years ago 8
Klaster Traditional Dark Czech Beer
Just discovered a tasty low alcohol (4%) dark beer called Klaster. Very sweet and tasty, thou not as sweet as a non alcohol malt drink I tried in Israel. A nice change from some of the over the top...
12 years ago 1
Budweiser Clydesdales rotating light sign
12 years ago 3
German & Belgian Beer Fests
Just another friendly reminder that tickets for our upcoming German & Belgian Beer Fests in Boston, MA are on-sale now. Save these dates, buy your tickets now, and don't miss these great opportunit...
12 years ago
Stale Craft Beer: Who's to Blame?
I'll beat this dead horse again, I have been beating this dead horse since the mid-1990's and I will keep on beating this dead horse until there is nothing left. With this, I will not point fingers ...
12 years ago 7
New Samuel Adams Glass for BeerAdvocate magazine Founding Subscribers
A handful of BeerAdvocates are already talking about it, but let's make it official ... We recently approached Boston Beer Co. with the idea of sending every BeerAdvocate magazine Founding Subscrib...
12 years ago 1
Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty
We've pointed our more than several times that the majority of American brewers have brewed Belgian-style ale(s) or are at least influenced by the Belgian beer culture. Some beer geeks may not want ...
12 years ago
Miller Chill: a Beer for People Who Don't Like Beer
Miller Chill has reached fad status very quickly. Miller Brewing has been banking on the Latino beer drinkers in the US to carry sales along. Over two million cases have been sold with reportedly 50...
12 years ago 10
British Beer Company Receives Fuller's Cellar Management Certification
Here's an interesting press release. Fuller's hosted 8 employees of the British Beer Company (a pub chain in Massachusetts) in London, England; exposing them to the pub culture and schooling them in...
12 years ago
esearchers Isolate Noble Hop Aroma Chemicals to Make a "Better Beer"
A fellow BA sent me a link to a Wired Science blog (Better Beer Through Chemistry: The Search For Noble Hop Aroma Chemicals) that reports researchers from Australia and New Zealand have been working...
12 years ago 1