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Standing up to Starbucks
News & Views for Anarchists & Activists: Standing up to Starbucks by Adam Turl April 18th, 2009 When...
10 years ago 5
Coffee made in Bodum vacuum pot tastes bad.
My son has a Bodum vacuum pot that he's used for about a year. At first the coffee tasted good. He said the coffee lately has either been tasting bitter or has no taste at all. He uses bottled water...
12 years ago 2
In search of the perfect Mocha machine.
Ok, here's the deal. My wife loves mochas in the morning. The maker she current has is on its last leg. I want to buy her a new one but I want it to be a surprise. I know nothing about coffee an...
14 years ago 1
Melitta Clarity, Brewing temperature test
Back in March of this year, I ordered, from QVC, one of the group's recent favorite automatic drip coffeemakers, the so-called "Scandinavian-designed" Melitta Clarity 8-cup Automatic Dr...
14 years ago 6
What's Your Favorite Coffee?
Hey every one =); How do you like your coffee cup? What's your favorite coffee? Share us ;)
9 years ago 2