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"The Starbucks Problem"
News & Views for Anarchists & Activists: ?The Starbucks Problem? Friday, February 13 2009 @ 08:58 AM CST Contributed by: WorkerFreedom ...
10 years ago 3
Starbucks: Trouble in Latte Land
"The company responsible for the ubiquity of coffee shops finds itself struggling with flagging growth, increased competition, and a declining stock price..." Business Week:
11 years ago 23
Re: Coffee canister places to buy recommentations
Try your local thrift shops. I just bought a set of three different size ceramic canisters at a local department store for $15. All the same color. Ceramic keeps the light away from your coff...
14 years ago
Coffee with mustard
I heard that a long time ago that the English (like wot I am) used to add a little mustard to their coffee. Apparently Samuel Pepys had noted this fact in the 1600s. However, I now live in New Zea...
14 years ago
Seven new coffee species discovered "Seven wild species of coffee are among 290 new plants found by Kew Gar...
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