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I found this group by accident using Google groups. The post I was
looking at is from 1998, and it mentions a mini-faq for cappuccino
makers. Does this still exist and if so could someone kindly provide a
link to it.
Unfortuntely I dont have the money for a good coffee maker, and the one
I have is most defintely the lower end of the market. To compound
matters I dont know how a good shot of espresso is obtained, or what
constitutes a good shot for that matter.
I am therefore looking for advice on how to make the most of what I
have, and (for interest) how these makers work and whats out there to
West Midlands, UK
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this particular group is rather unread, your more likely to find answers from people in the news group. If you do a google news search you will find it, or you can get a newsgroup reader, the info from your Internet Service Provider on how to connect and read/post to the groups and find it that way as well. I would suggest you get a newsgroup reader and then look at the list ( all 32,000+ of them, though it is easy to find and subscribe to newsgroups with Outlook or some of the webbrowsers out there that supporty newsgroup reading).
Hope you find the answer your looking for but you will find it most likely in the newsgroup than this one. (It has 2-300 posts per day where as this one has 20-30 per week)
John B
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John Birrenbach

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