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Strangest way to lose a brew
I will now never find out if my over hopped Australian bitter's taste will calm down or not. Found that one of the calves had broken into the old piggery knocked over the carboy ( plastic luckily ) an...
16 years ago 3
Just got a keg
I just got a 1/2 keg and I want to turn it into a brew pot. Anybody done this before? Hints/tips would be great.
16 years ago 2
Re: growing hops
Mine have been in the ground for about a month now. Bugs got to two of them and they are now recovering. The third is maybe four feet long and doing well. The traditional harvest is done by the most...
16 years ago 2
Re: Bottling
Yes, you can reuse beer bottles. Most people will not use twist-offs, as I believe they are more prone to breakage and/or failure to seal properly. But you can definitely use most of the non-twist-o...
16 years ago 1
Good online home-brew supply store
Anyone know any good online home-brew supply store?
16 years ago 9