Ahmad Darjeeling Tea

A local Indian food store sells Ahmad Tea London, Darjeeling Tea. It is quite inexpensive, it¹s eight dollars for a 200 gram tin.
So, I¹m wondering if anyone here is familiar with this tea, and if it¹s any good?
Thanks for your help.
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Larry Weil
Ahmad in the 500g cardboard version is still $5. Its one of the penny/ gram teas Ive talked about in the past. You are getting a tin so less tea and higher price. The Arabic stores dont rip people off. My Arabic stores dont carry the tins anymore. Once upon a time Arabic tins were the standard. Dont be afraid to use more tea at that price per pot for a bigger bolder broader taste you cant find in finicky Darjeeling estate teas. You can get a good second infusion but its not like it is expensive. If you like going back to the roots you can find 2 pennies/gram Lipton India Connoisseur Darjeeling which is my benchmark for taste and price. There are different tastes in blended cheap brands Darjeeling like the expensive single estate versions.
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Space Cowboy
Ahmad is a popular tea blender that makes several sort of mid-grade blends for the Indian and Mideast markets.
Try it. It's probably got some darjeeling in it, though I doubt everything in the box is actually from Darjeeling.
I never found any of the Ahmad blends to be any better than the other midrange Indian teas, but I never found them to be much worse either. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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