Apologies to this newsgroup from Tealaden.com

I would like to formally apologize to this news group for the recent
spam incident.
We hired what we believed to be a legitimate business to increase
traffic to our site. All of you know the results of this.
All email addresses have been destroyed and it is not necessary to
unsubscribe as no additional emails will be sent ( yes we even fixed
the unsubscribe link). If you would like to receive our newsletter
please visit this address and give us your email. All emails are kept
internal and will not be distributed for any reason.
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Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and unsolicited email you
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Kelia Francis
I like that idea myself, but it seems a little impractical. Maybe some good tea at reduced pricing? Anyway, I accept the apology, thank you for letting us know.
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Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, it is how we handle our mistakes that gives a glimpse of our inner character.....
Apology accepted -- Mike Petro
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Mike Petro

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