Avoiding Green Tea

Because of some medication I take, I have to avoid green tea.
I have some tea labeled Pekoe and Orange Pekoe. Is this made from green tea?
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No. If you have to avoid green tea for medical reasons, you undoubtedly have to avoid red teas as well. Doc, this sounds like a crock.
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Michael Plant

Actually not-- I take an anticoagulant drug (warfarin) and green tea inhibits its blood thinning capability-- as does vitamin K so I also need to avoid green leafy veggies also (no big loss there).
So..... back to my original question: is Pekoe/Orange Pekoe made from green tea or not?
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No. Those are black teas. You should find out if you are to avoide all teas, though.
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It was open stage night in rec.food.drink.tea, when Doc stepped up to the microphone and muttered:
"Pekoe" and "Orange Pekoe" are designations of leaf size, not tea type - that is, there is no "orange" in "Orange Pekoe".
However, these are designations used for black teas, not greens.
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First of all Pekoe or orange Pekoe has no relationship with tea types(black, green,Oolong etc.) This two word-"Pekoe" and "Orange Pekoe" indicate the quality(Grading) of your tea. I think the tea you have labeled, this two graded are black tea. This two words are black tea grading terminology.
China green teas are graded by the words- Gunpowder,Imperial,Hyson,Twankay, dust style etc.
If you are allowed to drink black tea, you might drink your Pekoe or orange Pekoe black tea. But again consult with your doctor.
By the way, the word Pekoe explain the size of your tea leaf.
Ripon (From Bangladesh)
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All tea contains Vitamin K. The vitamin is not reduced through processing that creates Pekoe. You could boil the hell out of mustard,spinach,turnip,collard greens without reducing the vitamin efficacy.
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Space Cowboy

Don't let this stop us. I'm off to concoct not just green Pekoe, but green Pekoe CHAI! See you at the next Beverage Industry Trade Event in San Diego!
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I think you are confusing "green" leafy vegetables with "green" tea. I wasn't aware that green tea had vitamin K. If that is so, then you need to find out if the process of making black tea, which starts as a green tea, inactivates or removes vitamin K. Otherwise all tea would need to be avoided. Joe J. Salkowitz
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I believe Pekoe/Orange Pekoe is usually/always black tea. Yes, it's the cut of the leaf officially, but I've never seen anything but black tea graded this way.
Black tea (also known as "Hong Cha" in China meaning red tea, but in the US often "red tea" means rooibos, which is entirely different)), oolong, and pouchong/baozong are all green tea derivatives (oxidized/fermented).
I'd guess your pharmacist meant all green tea and derivatives, but if you enjoy oxidized green tea, it's probably worth asking them to be more specific.
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Dan Stromberg

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