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Canadian tea drinkers- Red Rose tea - what happened to quality?
I am SO Glad to finally see that someone else has noticed. I agree! Another verification that it is not the same tea- my tea mug is white and every few days (with the original Red Rose tea, I had...
1 year ago 3
Check out this neat Kickstarter project - you can make your own blend of custom tea!
4 years ago
Ten Ren Oriental Beauty
I have often bought the Oriental Beauty tea from the Ten Ren store in Rockville, MD. Although their catalogue lists several grades available as loose tea, the store only stocks one, and I like it. ...
9 years ago 6
the best tea in the world
i read a acticle which said mariage freres is the best tea in world, didnt taste it yet,is it good? in my mind,the best tea should be foun in china or india,how do you think about it
10 years ago 10
Tips on frugal food-buying in the Philadelphia region
11 years ago 11
thai tea steeper/infuser
Hello, i'm trying to find thai tea steeper/infuser and having hard time doing that. i'm in nyc. i went to thai store on Mosco st in chinatown but the guy said he ran out. i tried almost every store/...
12 years ago 6
Jasmine pearl vs Jasmine pearl
I have tried several varieties of jasmine pearl tea, small pearls , large ones and ones have a lot of nice tippy white color others more olive green, however I find that some have a very sweet smell...
12 years ago 3
Old Yixing teapots on Ebay
Does anyone have experience buying teapots from the ebay store ? They have a large selection of yixing listed as pre-1960 at what look like reasonable prices, even...
13 years ago 32
tea kettle with spinning top
On one Alton Brown Good Eats show, he featured a tea kettle that I would dearly like to find. The body of the kettle was either brushed aluminum or stainless steel with brass accents (rivets or str...
13 years ago 3
Starbucks "African Red Bush" tea? Is it Rooibos?
The past two times I've been at a Starbucks in Canada, I've ordered a cup of "African Red Bush" tea, which is a new addition to their teabag keyring. It's a new option in their selection of non-tea ...
14 years ago 7
Twinings UK vs. Twinings USA - is it just me?
I visited the Twinings shop in the Strand this past summer and stocked up on tea to bring back home to the States with me. There seems to be a much more extensive selection of Twinings blends avail...
14 years ago 25
zisha clay
I have a yixing teapot made of "zisha" clay but doesn't "zi sha" mean "to kill oneself" in mandarin?
14 years ago 2
Cheap Darjeelings
I've bought Twinings Darjeeling (loose) and I don't like it at all. I've also tried other cheap brands (lipton, I belive) and it was also worthless. This would lead me to the conclusion that I simpl...
14 years ago 10
Aged puerh sample
Hi all, I have a question to the more experienced puerh drinkers in this group. I would like to taste some genuine aged sheng puerh, but do not have the money and the courage to buy a whole cake....
14 years ago 5
Kalami/ Gulabi tea
I regularly drink a large-leaf tea called "Kalami" or "Kalmi" tea, also marked "Gulabi" tea. It seems to be a fairly low-grade Indian tea mostly for domestic consumption, definitely not a first-flu...
14 years ago 4
Canadian tea drinkers- Red Rose tea - what happened to quality?
Hi I've been a Red Rose tea drinker for the past 30 plus years. At one time it was fragrant strong tea.You would open the box and the wonderful aroma would was delicious.I purchased some boxe...
15 years ago 16
Tea n' Spice
For years I was able to purchase boxes of instant tea called Tea n' Spice (I think that was the name) at Cost Plus. It came in a brown cardboard box with black lettering and was made in San Francisco...
16 years ago 12
Tea bag maker? Where can I order one?
I want one for personal use but have heard they are expensive. Any outlets that might have them for comparison shopping? Thank you, Allen
16 years ago 8
Georgian Tea
Having noted the thread on Ahmad Tea that become a discussion about Russian tea and thence Georgian tea, and the response to the brick tea thread, it is perhaps time to tell what I am doing in Georgia...
16 years ago 3 - A new tea community
I just started this website and would love it if you'd check it out! Thanks a lot!
6 years ago 2