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Can pregnant women drink tea?
Can pregnant women drink tea? I usually drink at least 5 cups of tea everyday before I am pregnant. So when I find out I am having the baby. This question comes to me: Can pregnant women drink tea? ...
9 years ago 2
Sencha Shot - Ito En
A local discount store by my house always is flush with Ito En product. A great deal for me because $0.99 for the 2L bottles of iced tea is pretty nice. I think the jasmine green is the best of the ...
11 years ago 3
Where can I buy mylar bags to store teas in???
Hi all: My first thread here on Does anybody know where I can get small mylar bags where I can place some tea and seal it? You know, like those small, metallic, air-tight pouch...
13 years ago 7
Pu-erh Factory Mystery
Hello pu-erh detectives! I recently bought a new offering from my Chinatown. It's a 250g zhuancha brick. On either side of a large "cha" logo, it says "smiles greet the world" and "friend tea" in ch...
13 years ago 9
The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura
The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura is available via eBay here: ...
11 years ago 7
How does commercial bottled tea last without preservatives?
Just had some bottled tea, and noticed the bottle says man: 6/15/2006, exp: 12/14/2007 (...freshly 'expired' ) The label of course says: "pure black tea, unsweetened, with no preservatives or an...
11 years ago 2