Darjeeling Tea

Dear Tea Lovers, Boston Tea Campaign
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-- an offspring of Teekampagne (Tea Campaign) in Berlin, Germany -- offers the following Darjeeling teas: *First Flush, FTGFOP1, 1 pound -- 16.00 USD *First Flush, FTGFOP1, 250 g -- 10.00 USD *Green Darjeeling, FTGFOP1, 1 pound -- 14.00 USD *Green Darjeeling, FTGFOP1, 250 g -- 8.00 USD *Selimbong Garden Tea, 250 g -- 12.00 USD *Gift Box, 4 x 250 g (First, Second, Green, Garden) -- 40.00 USD A wider selection of Darjeeling teas as well as teabags will be available this summer. Happy sipping! Kate
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