Holy Mountain Snow Monkey

I got some Snow Monkey green tea from Holy Mountain. I'm not by any means a
green tea expert, but wow! A short while back I posted about how the smell
in the cup after drinking a Bai Hao oolong was sweet and fruity...well the
smell of the dry Snow Monkey in the bag reminds me of that. It's very strong
but not overwhelming and it's very dry and sweet fruit, more like apricot or
plum fruit leather sort of. More cooked smelling than a jam. And the empty
cup has a strong smell of honey. I told my husband I could go around all day
with the bag on my nose and be happy, lol.
The honey smell doesn't follow over to the taste or smell of the liquid
except maybe very very subtly, but still the smell of the dry tea and the
empty cup is heavenly. It's not like any other green I've ever had and I
think has become my favorite so far.
Still developing my palate...I haven't had any green that has a "sweet"
aftertaste like people say but maybe I'm looking for the wrong definition of
sweet, dunno.....
Question: Is it mutually exclusive to have a tea that smells great and one
that taste's sweet and great too? I'm searching for the taste that matches
the smell that I've found.
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oh, you've got a whole world waiting for you to discover. greens are touchy teas - it took me a long time before i came upon a way to approach them that ultimately allowed me to devise a way to discover how to brew a given green in a way that brought out the best of it, but it's well worth the time. i'd suggest trying different brewing vessels, different brewing parameters, etc, until you get the hang of it. there is nothing, afaic, better than the delights of green tea. it is also a taste which develops over time. please continue your experiments ...........p*
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Sounds like the White Monkey from my local tea shoppe. Not cheap $5/oz but fluffy so seems like more. Mine is about half leaf and half bud. The leaf is tiny so young shoots. The smell is better than the taste. The color is golden meaning some oxidation. A 10 minute infusion tastes like a two minute. I've noticed several other 'green' teas where the infusion becomes dormant after a given time which I think is a function of the water temperature. You can set it on the table and impress your friends. I think in Chinese terms anything not astringent is sweet.
fruity...well the
definition of
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