I am a new reader of this forum friom China

Hello,I am new reader of this forum. I am study tea in Zhejiang University. I am want to learn more about world tea besides China tea. hope can discuss teas with you all Thanks
Mundell Email:mundell snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com
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hello mundell - welcome. you study tea at university? wow - can you tell us more about that..? .......................................p*
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I'm heading to zhejiang in a about half a month to go hang out in Suzhou and Hangzhou, send me an email, maybe we can go have tea!
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Indeed welcome. I think it's fantastic that you're going to bring your study experience here. Could you tell us more about it? Are there actually classes and courses for credits as we would expect in a Western university? What about the theoretical and the practical aspects of tea that you study? What about the agriculture and horticulture on the one hand, and the tasting and serving on the other? I would like to get the flavor of the university study. Again, welcome.
May I ask where you are from, and how you became interested in tea in the first place?
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Michael Plant

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