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> > Hi - this is my first post, but I've been hanging around, reading > about all the unusual teas that people keep talking about, and > searching for a place to supply my wants! Fortunately the one I found > and like the most is only a few miles away from me! > > The address is
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and it doesn't really > come up on search engines so it's unlikely you've heard of it! (hence > bringing it to your attention) > > So far they've been excellent - they offer free P&P to the UK & are > currently offering 10% off online orders > > Since I actually wanted to put some useful info up for this group, I > went investigating! > > For the American, Chinese etc they do deliver internationally - though > they will email the person a quote first. Amazingly they seem to send > an awful lot of tea and coffee abroad - tea to china? Mad... > > Adrian (the shop owner) will welcome any questions about his service > on: info theteajunction co uk
Hi George i prefer online tea and recommended you to purchase online tea using online tea store for Organic Tea Leaves UK.
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