Regular foods contain surprising beneficial elements

Knowing what components go into your diet and you will better realise a healthy lifestyle. Most regular foods contain surprising beneficial elements. You are what you eat! So know what you eat and what your food gives you. For this you need Nuutti - nutrient calculation software which has information on over 12,000 foods.
Nuutti is the leading food and nutrient calculation software.
Free Nuutti -basic version includes:
- Nutrient information on over 12,000 foods - Each food has about 100 datapoints on nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., etc. - Explanations and web links on nutrient data. - Complete calculations for different foods, recipes ja combos. - Thorough and substantial calculation and search tools: program searches for the best compination to fill daily requirement for nutrients going through thousands of combination to find the most efficient set - A full set of "best for" and "highest in" -listings - Ideal if you want to know about calories, carbohydrates, etc., and to find the healthiest diet. - Easy to to use help-files ja tutorial videos are includes - Free to use - just download and use. No spyware or adware! - carb counting and weight-control tools - etc. etc.
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See videos at youtube: Nuutti, Free calorie, nutrition, weight-loss, exercise calculation program
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Adding a food item to Nuutti
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Creating a recipe:
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Deficiencies in diet
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